Why You Need An Attorney To Handle A Truck Accident Lawsuit?

truck accident attorney

The trucking industry is governed by a set of rigid federal laws. The momentum of these vehicles is huge, capable of causing harm that in some conditions can’t be mitigated. This is why federal laws govern the speed limit of trucks, maximum load that can be carried in them, as well as regular maintenance and repair work.

In case of a truck mishap, the victim’s party is suggested to obtain a trucking lawyer as soon as possible. The Truck accident lawyer will know what to request, and what to immediately preserve and file a lawsuit as soon as possible to protect your rights. Because the log related to driving history of a truck is maintained for a limited period only, the company needs to be on notice to protect the information. Also, sometimes a truck needs to be immediately and independently inspected, or the scene of the accident needs to be preserved. For example, a truck driver’s log can be destroyed after 6 months.

Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is essential because of the many associated complications. For example a truck may carry insurance coverage from multiple companies, depending on various factors such as the material and loads being carried in it. This can result in leasing companies disputing about which firm will be paying the compensation to the victim. The multiple layers of insurance allow skillful lawyers to access multiple policies and potential exponentially increase your recovery. If someone just ask to see “the policy” of the truck, the company may just produce one policy limiting recovery, when in fact there could be multiple ones. Therefore, let an experienced attorney handle the case, which may increase the chance of a successful recovery for any truck accident injuries.

Often victims are faced with the dilemma whether to go for a trial or end the lawsuit with a settlement. In a trial, a jury awards the compensation, the amount of which may be much higher than a settlement, which is generally a compromise. But a trial is unpredictable, you may lose as well. Taking a certainty over an uncertainty is a decision you will have to make after talking over with your truck accident lawyer. Your attorney will analyze the case and discuss whether maintaining patience is likely to reap benefits or if settlement is a better option, but the decision always rests with you, the client.

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